What we do

Our approach is to identify and harness digital products, services and key technologies as well as the creation of networks with international partners to support the local innovation ecosystem. To ensure a holistig and human-centered implementation, we are active in three pillars.


The Make-IT Alliance is a co-innovation network with partners from international companies, associations, researchers and other partners.
The Alliance promotes collaboration and supports the exchange of experience and practical knowledge between international and local partners.

in Africa

Make-IT in Africa is empowering local and pan-African innovation and entrepreneur ecosystems in our African partner countries. By improving growth opportunities for start-ups and by establishing innovation ecosystems in cooperation with the Make-IT Alliance and local partners, we have supported around 500 tech start-ups in 28 different countries to date.

in Asia

Make-IT in Asia establishes and supports local innovation ecosystems in Asia and improves regional and local framework conditions for innovations, in particular with regard to CleanTech.