We offer our members the opportunity to become part of an international network that promotes technology entrepreneurship in developing and emerging countries.

Declaration of intent

Each member of the Make-IT Alliance signed the Declaration of Intent (DoI). With the DOI, the Partners recognize that exceptional value can be created by combining their strengths, resources and networks.

Furthermore, the members acknowledge that “development processes require joint strategies that address challenges and facilitate change at multiple levels in society and the economy.” Thus they recognize the value of tech-entrepreneurs as change makers and the importance of community-based initiatives to foster worldwide emerging entrepreneurial ecosystems.

1: … learning, the exchange of good practices, and collaboration within and about entrepreneurial ecosystems

2: … locally-embedded spaces, programs and supportive communities for tech entrepreneurs

3: … capacity building, training, mentorship, knowledge sharing and other learning opportunities to help tech entrepreneurs develop their digital and managerial skills to solve problems, make informed choices, define priorities and plan for the future.

4:… understanding the local context, setting impact goals for planned interventions and impact measurement for delivering valuable learning and change experiences in a networked environment.

In addition to the DOI, each member formulated its own Action Statement as a complementing document. The Action Statements can be found here:

Whilst we pursue our common goal to foster local innovation, our actions are guided by principles. To find out what these are, have a look at our Code of conduct.


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News & Events

in Africa

The “Tech Entrepreneurship Initiative Make-IT in Africa” has supported more than 180 selected African start-ups whose digital innovations are particularly relevant to the sustainable development of their countries.

in Asia

The “Tech Entrepreneurship Initiative Make-IT in Asia” kicked off with an ideation challenge in 2018. More activities will follow.

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