Make-IT Accelerator Kenya

Make-IT Accelerator Nigeria – Start of day 2

2nd day of the Make-IT Accelerator in Nigeria: Self-assessment session – working on business concepts and product review. For more information on the ‘Make-IT in Africa Accelerator’ visit:  

Make-IT Accelerator Kenya – Start of week 2

Starting the 2nd of the Make-IT Accelerator program in Nairobi with a session on design thinking and product market fit: Start-ups discussing Design Thinking and discovering the customer’s real problem vs the business person’s perception. Case studies of Facebook shift, Kodak failure to innovate, Good Kitchen success in Denmark are then assessed.

Make-IT Accelerator Kenya Kick-off

Finally one of the core activities of Make-IT in Africa has also been launched in Kenya: the Make-IT Accelerator. In the final round 15 start-ups out of 30 were invited to join the accelerator program, which will start in January 2018. A jury composed of multiple important stakeholders of the Make-IT project chose the most…