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Online Payments Forum powered by Finserve

On November 7th, 2018, Make-IT in Africa held an Online Payments Forum powered by Finserve Africa at entrepreneurs club Metta in Nairobi, Kenya. The aim of the event was to take the audience through an introduction of Fintech and an explanation of ways that they can manage and integrate payment systems into their business.

What is Fintech?

Andrew Mlamba, the Finserve Systems Analyst, introduced the audience, comprised of individuals involved in the Fintech ecosystem through a brief introduction of Fintech.

Fintech, or financial tech, refers to technology that supports or anables banking and financial services. These include payment API’s, money lending platforms, insuretech companies and many more.

Andrew led the audience through an interactive discussion of the limitations of online payments such as person to person payments (these allow individuals to make payments without a third party), the inability to reach blacklisted or sanctioned countries and other competing platforms.

Finserve Africa 

Following this, the Finserve team introduced the various services and platforms offered by Finserve Africa, particularly the Jenga API’s and Jenga Payment Gateway.

The masterclass was concluded with various one-on-one sessions between the attendees and the Finserve team. This was an engageing segment of the day as the attendees were able to ask technical questions about the Finserve Services as well as schedule meetings to potentially integrate these services into their business.

Photos taken by Cherie Kihato (GIZ)

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