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Make-IT in Africa Mentor Boot Camps

On July 3 and 6, 2018, “Make-IT in Africa” ​​and VC4A held boot camps for selected mentors in Lagos and Nairobi. The role of the mentor is to advise young entrepreneurs in their business development. Mentors play a vital role in strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem and are a key factor for the success of start-ups.

Experts from Make-IT in Africa partners, such as VC4A, the Lagos Angel Network (LAN) and Victoria Ventures, conducted trainings, role-playing games and various exercises for the mentors during the first half of the day. In addition to their many years of experience as mentors or mentees, LAN experts also have extensive knowledge of start-up financing. Victoria Ventures supports the growth of start-up ecosystems in East Africa by connecting investors with innovative start-up companies and supporting them in their strategic planning and capital raising activities. In the second half of the day, the mentees (start-ups) joined their assigned mentors for bilateral exchange. In Lagos, 17 mentors were trained and assigned to 14 start-ups. While in Nairobi 17 mentors were trained and assigned to 9 start-ups.

The mentors rated the knowledge transfer in two directions as particularly valuable. On the one hand to have the opportunity to support young entrepreneurs with their own knowledge. On the other hand, to develop their skills by learning from other mentors and experts. Due to the positive feedback a second training for the mentors is planned at the end of September 2018. On the basis of the experiences of the coming two months, individual components of the first training will be deepened. The mentor-mentee partnership is run for a minimum of three and a maximum of twelve months.

The 23 start-ups receiving the mentoring are: AB3DGjengeMicrive Infinite, PreDiagnTaimbaTrack Your Build, Anona , ICT4D Kenya, Karoo Health Finance, DaktariPap, RedhuntEmbinix, KoloPayPlacements-Africa, Doctoora, Print Anything, Slide Safe, Social Lender, DoLessons, Ghalani, Insight Africa, Kitovu, ICE

photographs taken by Chiemelie Umenyiora (GIZ), Cherie Kihato (GIZ) and Gideon Berhane (GIZ)

Selected African Start-ups

AB3D (African Born 3D Printing)


DaktariPap Solutions

Doctoora E-Health Ltd.



Gjenge Makers

ICT for Development Kenya

Insight Africa / Studylab

Kaaro Health Finance Ltd

Kitovu Technology Company


Micrive Infinite Limited


Placements Africa


Print Anything


Slide Safe

Social Lender

Taimba Ltd

Track Your Build


Implementing Partners