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Make-IT in Africa Mentor Boot Camp Nairobi


On Friday 28th September 2018, Make-IT in Africa and VC4A hosted the 2nd Mentor Bootcamp at Strathmore University.

VC4A or ‘Venture Capital for Africa’ is a worldwide community of business professionals in 159 countries. Start-up mentors from VC4A’s mentor network as well as start-ups from the Make-IT pool attended the boot camp.

Start-up mentoring discussions

The event was separated into two segments, the first was the mentors’ discussion on start-up mentor-ship where the mentors spoke on the mentoring journey and some of the issues or challenges faced when mentoring start-ups.

Some interesting topics discussed were time management and how this is a very essential skill to learn particularly when dealing with investors. Investors are usually speaking to and vetting around 20 start-ups, therefore making an impression with proper time management is something that start-ups must practice.

Another topic discussed was on the relationship between mentors and mentees and how it is a joint responsibility. Most of the mentors addressed that the onus is on both the mentor and mentee to make sure that the mentorship is beneficial to the start-up.

There were 9 mentors present at the bootcamp, some included were Ali Hussein, Co-Founder and CEO of FinteXX a Pan-African Fintech Company, Betrand Fotsing, Customer Success Program Manager at Oracle and Linda Kwamboka, Co-Founder and Director of MFarm to name a few.

Start-up presentations

The second segment of the boot camp was the start-up presentations where 8 start-ups presented their businesses to the mentors as well as how mentoring has been working for them. The mentors of the start-ups present were also there to give further information.

This session was very engaging and gave the chance for the start-ups to receive expert feedback from the VC4A mentors particularly with regards to their business models.

The 8 start-ups present were My Fugo, Microfundit, Daktaripap, Taimba, Tozza Plus, Mlinzi, Biztele and Loanbee.

photographs taken by Cecilia Mwangi (GIZ)

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