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“Corporate Governance” Masterclass

On January 19th, 2019, Make-IT in Africa in partnership with V8 Academy organized a free masterclass on “Corporate Governance” with a focus on sustainable development and impact. The masterclass aimed at inspiring the participants to become change- makers through their businesses, personal activities, and relationships.

The masterclass provided a broad overview of global sustainability issues, and of efforts aimed at finding solutions through individual and collective actions.

The challenges addressed included climate change, environmental degradation, planetary boundaries, poverty and inequality, while the responses touched on strategic frameworks and examples of sustainability initiatives.

The expert presenter for the event was Olutobi Onajin (Sustainability Team Lead with VisionScape Africa), while Simi Adejumo, aka Simidrey of Beat 99 FM, was the event facilitator.

Olutobi Onajin, adopting the template of the Forum for Sustainable Industrial Development, (FOSID), began his presentation with a discussion on Sustainability Challenges and the Global Responses, emphasizing the importance of building solutions and development on
sustainable frameworks.

There are certain tools that businesses need to adopt in measuring the overall impact of their operations and activities-—concept like environmental degradation, climate change, poverty, resource depletion, peak oil, overfishing and community relations, which are important in determining the impact and sustainability of an idea or a business.

This idea is succinctly captured in what was described as the Triple Bottom Line Approach, factoring economic, social and environmental impact as key indicators. This method helps to measure economic, social and environmental value added or destroyed by the business. The economic values include: revenue, cost and growth, while social values include: fairness of trade, employee welfare, corporate social
responsibilities or charitable contributions. Environmental values cover issues around resource consumption, land use and waste management.

Other models for measuring sustainable impact created or destroyed by a business include: The Five Capitals Model, Planetary Boundaries Model and the Doughnut Model.

Five bold steps to embed sustainability in your start-ups include:
1. Deliberately aligning your organization’s activities with the SDGs
2. Join consortiums, learn from others
3. Build a plan across your organization’s core functions
4. Prioritize key aspects of your plan in your sustainability strategy
5. Make bold commitments and track your progress

Mr. Olutobi then considered some examples of sustainability models using some global brands as the Pirelli Sustainability Plan 2017 – 2020, Vodafone’s sustainability business strategy,

In the course of the very interactive event, there was time for some social mind games and exercises, questions and answers, networking and interaction sessions as well as tea breaks.

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photographs taken by Winifred Titilayo Amakulor (V8 Academy)