ACTIVITIES | Make-IT Meetup: Competitive African Rice Initiative e-Agriculture Pitch 


What is it about?

CARI is looking for a paid long-term, contractual collaboration with a digital solution provider, capable of developing and implementing a technological solution or product that demonstrates the following characteristics:

  • Innovative and user-friendly
  • Enables millers to track and record their supply relationships with farmers or farming cooperatives
  • Enables millers and farmers to have better access to finance through historic supply chain data (long-term objective)
  • Will be piloted with one of our partner mills

On March 8nd 2018 we invite you to Abuja to:

  • Present a prototype or soft product (show us how you would solve the problem)
  • Provide a company profile or pitch deck

Please ensure to visualize your idea of the solution.



If you have any further questions, join us at the webinar on 1th March at 10am.

You will receive more detailed information about the webinar with the official invitation letter.


Selection Process
Your Task
Your Qualifications
Target Group & Problem
About CARI
Your Task

To achieve the objectives, you should develop a digital solution or product that provides the rice miller with the following information/ functions:

Database that captures the following data points:

  • Quantity of rice purchased and from whom
  • Quality of rice purchased
  • Price/expenditure
  • Date of purchase of paddy
  • Information about cooperatives (name of farmers who are part of the cooperative, field data, location data…)
  • E-traceability
Your Qualifications

Requirements/ Must-have:

  • Proven technical expertise and record of accomplishment of developing digital solutions/products that are comparable to our project.

Preferred/ Additional asset:

  • Demonstrated record of accomplishment(s) of developing an ICT-solution for similar agricultural projects in Sub-Saharan Africa (highly valued advantage)
  • Demonstraed technical expertise in latest solutions for current ICT challenges in developing countries and especially in the agribusiness sector
  • Demonstrated capacity to develop M&E tools to measure impact and distribution plans for the project beyond the development phase to ensure uptake
Target Group & Problem

Target Group:

CARI works with more than 150,000 small-scale rice farmers in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania who have an average daily income of less than USD 2.

Problem Statement:

The challenge is that the record of both the background information of farmers (i.e. location, farm sizes etc.) and purchase data (i.e. quantity of paddy sold by whom and when) within the mills, is often not available and recorded properly

About CARI

What is CARI?

CARI aims to significantly improve the livelihoods of rice farmers in selected countries by increasing the competitiveness of domestic rice supply in order to meet increasing regional demand. One of CARI’s goals is to ensure better linkages between farmers and millers. With the help of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) trainings and improved inputs, smallholder farmers are able to improve the quantity and quality of the paddy. The delivery of those GAP trainings as well as the facilitation to improved inputs is provided by CARI’s partners, which are usually rice mills. The mills benefit by receiving better quality as well as more quantity of paddy for processing. In order to improve market linkages farmers enter into contract agreements with millers for the supply of paddy.

CARI is commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and co-financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). It is implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in cooperation with Technoserve, Kilimo Trust, and the John A. Kufuor Foundation.

The location of the e-Agriculture Pitch will be announced soon!