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Programme and Highlights

The Afrolynk Conference 2018 was divided into three main parts:  workshops, main conference and the Make-IT Happen Start-up Night.

Day 1 Financial and non-financial workshops / Start-Up Workshops

On 29 August Afrolynk started with a warm welcoming by Afrolynk founder Moses Acquah.  After the introduction, guests had the possibility to either take part in ‘financial’ or ‘non-financial’ workshops. The goal here is to work closely on a joint proposal which will be then presented to the president of the African Development Bank and various heads of states during a breakfast-session at the G20 Compact with Africa.

Simultaneously, African entrepreneurs from Af Map Works, Ice Solar Commercial Power, Khalmax Robotics, LoanBee, Tozzaplus amongst others took part in start-up workshops. On this day, it was all about design thinking, challenge identification, sales and innovation management.

Day 2 Getting Things Done and Pitch Workshops

On 30 August, the entrepeneurs got new insights about time management and how to successfully pitch to investors. Main goal of the day was to get the entrepreneurs ready for the upcoming start-up night!


Pictures taken by Kira von Plettenberg

Afrolynk Conference

Day 3 Afrolynk Conference

The third day started at the Microsoft Atrium with an opening keynote by Balthas Seibold (GIZ) a representative from the BMZ, and Amrote Abdella – Regional Director of Microsoft 4Afrika.

Afterwards, the audience had the opportunity to listen to great speakers on different panel discussions:

  1. Empowerment and Innovation Inclusion – Unlocking Key Barriers to Innovation and Empowerment
  2. Employment and Skill Development – Equipping the Next Generation for the Next Challenge
  3. Future of Technology – Utilization of Advanced Technology to Scale
  4. Investor Readiness and New Markets – How do Young Entrepreneurs Attract New Investors and Expand to New Markets

During the Conference, Make-IT in Africa (Gideon Berhane) and Airbus BizLab (Reymound-Yaw Buckman) announced and presented their new cooperation during the third panel.

Also, the Make-IT in Africa team distributed and presented their investment guides for Entrepreneurs for Nigeria and Kenya to the whole plenum.

Pictures taken by Kira von Plettenberg

Make-IT Happen Start-up Night

Day 3 Make-IT Happen Start-Up Night at GIZ Berlin Representation

On the evening of 31 August, the Make-IT Happen Start-Up Night took place at the GIZ Berlin Representation.

Finally, the entrepreneurs had the unique opportunity to present their business models to potential investors and companies such as Microsoft 4Afrika, Airbus, GreenTec Capital, African Development Bank (AfDB), German Investment and Development Company (DEG) and Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A) at the conclusion of the conference.

Make-IT in Africa supported AF MAP WORKS  Ice Solar Commercial Power Khalmax Robotics LoanBee and Tozzaplus to join this three-day event in Berlin. Next to those start-ups, Make-IT also selected Micrive Infinite and Kolopay to pitch virtually in front of the Make-IT Happen Start-Up Night jury.

About Afrolynk

Afrolynk is an impact venture in Europe that spreads awareness on technology and entrepreneurial activities geared towards Africa, connect startups and businesses focusing on Africa and/or wanting to expand into African markets and give opportunities to entrepreneurs, hubs, accelerators, policy makers, chambers of commerce, and VCs within the African and European tech ecosystems to connect and help startups and businesses to accelerate in that space.

Among other activities, Afrolynk builds bridges between the startup ecosystems in Europe and Africa by organizing conferences, events and meetups in order to connect entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers with a stake in Africa and help them find ways to innovate and accelerate together.


Find further information about Afrolynk and Afrolynk Conference Program 2018.

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