• EdTech

  • KIgali, Rwanda
  • Dan Munkittrick, VP and Business Development

With WeCode, a women-only programming and BPO (business process outsourcing) agency, GIZ’s Promotion of Economy and Employment Programme works to close this gender gap, promoting girls and women to enter the IT-sector. The first part of the programme is an 11-week-long boot camp, where all the necessary coding skills and work readiness skills are taught. The best students will then go into 15 weeks of advanced training to become either a mobile & full-stack developer or a QA (quality assurance) & data analyst expert. The best advanced course graduates are offered a contract with WeCode’s own BPO academy, which is run by a Rwandan/North American Tech company. Through this partnership, WeCode assures an international quality level of 98% for all BPO contracts. By the end of 2019, an estimated 900 women will have completed the course and be ready to change the Rwandan IT landscape.

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