Versecom is a tech wireless company seeking to increase internet penetration across Africa by building free Wi-Fi networks in city centers. It monetises the free service via advertisements visible on each user’s PC, tablet or mobile phone. Versecom in 2017 began providing free public wi-fi on the BRT Terminals of the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority. Through this, they provided free internet to 100,000 users per day by successfully building the largest public wi-fi network in Africa; a 15km continuous mesh network on one of the busiest roads in Lagos. Building the wi-fi mesh network opened Versecom to other business opportunities like ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ with products like wi-fi offload and CCTV as a Service. It has also pioneered a new ad model that uses its Go Ads ad network to disrupt the traditional above-the-line channels by partnering with owners of other advert channels to sell their inventory on a granular basis.