Just Smart

  • E-Health
  • Ariana, Tunisia

  • Founded in 2016
  • Houssem Eddine Lassoued, Project Manager

Just Smart is active in the field of mobile development and IoT (Internet of Things), targeting mainly actors in the medical sectors such as medical specialists, private clinics, medical centres and public hospitals, as well as associations and ONGs. Its innovative solutions are particularly-well adapted to the needs of the Tunisian and African markets. One of the projects conceived and realised by Just Smart is e-Scope, a solution that will be used for early diagnosis of blood-related diseases. The start-up is also working on solutions for lachmeniosis, rheumatism, autism and mental disorders. In addition to the field of health, the start-up also works on solutions in e-government, e-education, VR, and AR Apps.

Content & Media

JustSmart @ CEBIT 2018