As IBM, we are eager to bring our technological, research, and consulting assets to the table in order to jointly identify and implement new approaches and activities in economic cooperation and development. We expect that exchanging knowledge, ideas and assets in the Make-IT Alliance will generate significant benefits for all parties involved, most importantly the developing countries and its tech industry. We are certain that we can learn from the profound expertise of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and the GIZ in economic aid and developmental affairs to inform and further develop our activities in Africa and other regions.


IBM engages with communities around the globe by offering its technology, services, and expertise to solve some of the world’s most complex problems and societal issues such as education development. IBM also supports start-ups and tech entrepreneurs with various activities in numerous countries. IBM Digital Nation Africa is a prominent initiative, which provides a cloud-based learning platform designed to provide free skills development programs for up to 25 million African youths over five years, enabling digital competence and nurturing innovation in Africa.

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