We spread knowledge, inspire through stories and fight for a digitisation that benefits humanity

The betterplace lab is a think tank focusing on digital-social innovation. We scout and promote innovative tech solutions to social challenges. Many of these innovation cases origins in developing countries.

In the betterplace lab, we research how digital technologies can be (better) used for social purposes. We give answer to this question through studies and research trips, and spread knowledge and inspire discussion and innovation through capacity building programs and events on the ground.


We believe in the power of cross-sectorial cooperation to combine various strengths, resources and networks to develop and implement the best solutions.

We hope that the activities defined under the roof of the Make-IT Alliance will themselves incorporate the values of co-creation and collaboration, bringing together actors from different fields, and integrating beneficiaries and local / regional partners from the very beginning of idea development.

As a social enterprise, we are convinced that measures undertaken to navigate dynamic social change need a strategic framework as well as impact-oriented evaluation to measure outcomes and secure learnings for future interventions. We therefore hope the activities under the roof of the Make-IT Alliance to be aligned and information and data about measures and outcomes to be shared within the network and analysed.


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