Ashoka has been supporting social entrepreneurs since 35 years across the world, now united in the world’s largest network of nearly 3.500 social entrepreneurs. Several hundreds of these exceptional social innovators either work directly with technology and/or use it to indirectly drive their social missions. In Ashoka’s eyes there is almost nothing as powerful as a good idea in the hands of a dedicated entrepreneur.

Ashoka has been focusing on individual entrepreneurs for the past and will continue to put them at the heart of everything we do. However, we envision to work much more in cross-sectoral collaborative networks, partnering up with private companies, governments, development agencies, the media, and more – to be part of a movement of good ideas versus ‘just’ supporting them individually.


Ashoka finds and supports the founding personalities behind new social organisations, companies and movements worldwide – and gives them an identity as social entrepreneurs (Social Entrepreneurs): as entrepreneurs for the benefit of all, on an equal footing with other entrepreneurs and embedded in a network of supporters and partners.

In addition to these so-called Ashoka Fellows, the Ashoka Network consists of other groups of people who challenge the status quo in their environments and implement new ideas – including members of our support network, partners, young people, schools and many more.

All the people and innovations in our network have one thing in common: they encourage more and more people and enable them to make themselves responsible for new solutions instead of demanding them from others. Thus, a world is gradually emerging in which “everyone can be a changemaker”.

Ashoka works on a non-profit basis, with no public funds, is donation-financed and works closely with selected partners. Working with us means getting involved in a new perspective and taking action together.

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