Sewu-Steve is an all round finance professional with more than 18 years’ experience in Social Impact Investing, Private Equity & Venture Capital fund of funds, Risk Management (LDI, Strategic Asset Allocation, factor-based investments), Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Sales & Trading and FSI Consulting.

AECF represents 10 years of Blended Finance and Development Capital. Started in 2008, AECF is a $300+ challenge fund that invests, on a matching basis, $250k to $1.5m into agribusiness and renewable energy SMEs in 24 Sub-Saharan countries in Africa. We provide technical assistance, grants, repayable grants and concessionary loans to SMEs aiming at foster a prosperous and enterprising rural and marginalized Africa.

A challenge fund runs competitions for commercially viable SME/SGB innovative projects or companies to be funded. We do not hold permanent capital to invest outside of the competitions (as private equity, venture capital or impact funds do).