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Against food waste!
The food currently lost in Africa could feed 300 million people. That’s a number you can find on the website of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) when searching for worldwide food loss. That means that value added chains in agriculture are so inefficiently organised that a large amount of the continent’s agricultural produce goes to waste. As a result, African smallholders are losing income each year and, all the while, the prices of agricultural produce continue to rise, threatening many people’s survival. One reason this wastage occurs is the fact that much of the continent’s produce passes through the hands of numerous intermediaries.

The start-up Taimba tries to tackle this problem by providing the online support needed to tackle the information asymmetries and market education gaps that are creating this situation. Its aim is to create an open online market and to streamline supply chains between farmers and retailers who, armed with data intelligence, will be better equipped to avoid food waste.