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What is your address?

For directions or addresses, in Ghana people often use landmarks such as traffic lights, ‘chop houses’, or filling stations. For a courier or an ambulance, this sometimes creates confusion and wastes valuable time.

With the mobile application “SnooCode”, Ghanaians can answer the question ‘What is your address?’ with a GPS generated code. It is like a postal code, but much more accurate. The mobile application provides users with an alpha-numerical code pinpointed to within 7 metres of their home. This code can be shared with service providers, who are also connected to SnooCode, to verify a home address. This innovation capitalises on the high rate of mobile use amongst Ghanaian adults (83%) and aims at the same time to be as inclusive as possible by functioning without internet access and without credit on the SIM card.

SnooCode is improving access to emergency medical care using its simple technology. Following the Ghana-wide roll out of SnooCode in 2013, the application has attracted over 15,000 users. The National Ambulance Service has also begun to integrate the technology with the aim of reducing response times by up to 50%.