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I am pregnant!
Anyone browsing the childrearing section of a bookshop knows that, in general, there is a surfeit of literature on child health and parenting. However, in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa essential information and literature on child bearing and health is still unavailable.

GiftedMom is a social enterprise working to bridge this gap by using digital technologies to improve access to maternal and paediatric health care. Its innovative platform provides modern digital infrastructure for the distribution of health services, using SMS and voice messaging to deliver stagebased and customised notifications for pregnant women. New mothers who register are provided with advice on their and their child’s health, including information on the im portance of having regular check-ups and the appropriate time frames for their baby’s vaccinations. Registering is easy: Women need only text MOM to 8006 to receive a call-back and get help with signing up. They can also receive advice from doctors by texting particular health questions to the same number.