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Where to tread the patient?
Nigeria’s work to make health care more readily available still faces a number of challenges. One often overlooked problem is that doctors struggle to find affordable facilities, especially in urban areas, where they can treat their patients. This not only limits the efficiency of practices but is also a key reason why access to health care is limited, especially for underprivileged people living in increasingly costly metropolitan areas.

The founders of Doctoora, themselves health care professionals, are working to address this problem through technology. Their start-up provides users with an online marketplace for short-term health-care facility rentals, which enables medical professionals to establish private practices. With Doctoora, health professionals can administer their private practices entirely online and can rent medical facilities as and when required. After a vetting process, health professionals within the network are provided with on-demand access to rentable workspaces and a practice management platform that enables them to keep track of their work. Doctoora is also working to provide doctors and health care workers with better medical supplies and, in so doing, improve the quality of services provided to patients.