Photo by @GIZ / Dirk Gebhardt



That’s my offer!
Two key issues that make it difficult for smallholder  farmersin developing countries to make enough money and live
decent lives are the lack of:
• direct market accessth at leaves smallholders
highly vulnerable to the exploitative strategies of intermediaries and
• logistics services to transport farm produce to the nearest markets.

The Ghanaian tech start-up AgroCenta uses innovative technologies that link smallholders up to a larger marketplace where they can trade directly. Empowering smallholders in this way helps to eliminate exploitative trade from the value chain. Farmers using AgroCenta can promote their produce through its online market and can connect directly with buyers. When produce is sold, farmers can also use AgroCenta’s own certified haulage service to transport the goods to buyers. The start-up’s mission is to make small farmers financially independent by ensuring they get paid fair prices for their commodities. The knock-on effect of this should be that farmers will be able to secure their families’ livelihoods and reinvest some of the money they earn in developing their agricultural activities.