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Need advise?
Web assistants are online virtual assistants built with smart software that processes user data and then provides
these users with relevant guidance or solves their problems. Web assistants empower people across the
globe by giving them around-the-clock access to others’ experiences. They can be used in all kinds of sectors (e.g. education, health care, manufacturing, etc.) and benefit users by saving them time, money and effort.

The Egyptian tech start-up Advicenode provides an online platform that enables
non-experts to independently develop and operate web assistants. In a few quick and
easy steps, users can create their own web assistants without the need for technical skills or long-term training. This makes it possible for small and medium- sized enterprises to access and use state-of-theart technology. Anyone can design a web assistant using Advicenode, and the assistants can be offered on a free-to-use or pay-to-use basis, which means they can  benefit both their authors and users.