Photo by Jeroen van der Wielen


Printed in Kenya!
With the potential to manufacture an object of almost any size and shape, 3D printing has caused huge excitement worldwide because it fundamentally transforms manufacturing.

In Kenya, the start-up AB3D (African Born 3D Printing) aims at bringing such modern technology to African producers. In a one-stop-shop for 3D printing in Nairobi, they offer access to 3D printers, material, workshops, and open-source designs. The team manufactures 3D printers from recycled materials, such as electronic scrap, and keep the costs for a printer low. This makes printers are affordable and accessible for a wide variety of local manufacturers.

The possibilities with 3D printing are almost without limitless, also to create social impact. A number of Kenyan schools and vocational institutes use 3D printers. One of the latest achievements was a 3D-printed model of the pelvis of a set of conjoined twins.
The model was used by surgeons in Kenya to rehearse the surgery before successfully separating the twins.