Online Education for Start-ups



The Best of OEM curriculum has total of 55 topics spread across eight modules and range from short courses and videos that will help entrepreneurs build better, healthier businesses. All the content selected incorporates both theoretical and practical learning thorough examples, exercises, case studies or experience sharing to help the learner better understand concepts and apply them to their own business. The content has been compiled from a variety of sources and is presented in modular nature. It is highly encouraged to go through all pieces of content in the order in which they are laid out. The order structure has been arrived at with a view of helping users gain skills and knowledge from the basic level to an advanced level.


Each of the topics has been classified as beginner, intermediate, advanced and all, as explained below:

  • Beginner – These topics are appropriate for first time entrepreneurs or users with limited background on the topic. These topics encompass an introductory element and introduce basic concepts related to the topic.
  • Intermediate – These topics are appropriate for entrepreneurs with some experience on the said topic, for users who have academic background on a topic or have gone the preceding content in the curriculum. The content assumes some basis level of understanding on the broader topic and though covering basic concepts doesn’t focus too much on it but rather builds on basic concepts.
  • Advanced – These topics are appropriate for entrepreneurs with working experience in dealing with the topic matter within their own business, for users who have academic background in the topic or have gone the preceding content in the curriculum. The content introduces complex concepts or activities which need extra specialization to understand and adequately perform
  • All – This content is recommended for all users regardless of their experience.


  • 1: Business Foundations and Planning

  • 2: Marketing

  • 3: Managing Business Operations

  • 4: Human Resources

  • 5: Finance

  • 6: Fundraising

  • 7: App & technology development & management

  • 8: Legal & Regulatory


Start-ups need an ecosystem to successfully start their business and grow. Without strong partners this is not possible. They are crucial for building a strong customer base, for attaining insights on own experiences and failures as well as from outside perspectives, gaining access to qualified employees, sourcing finances, finding and engaging mentors, and many more.

In 2019, more than 618 tech hubs¹ and SME supporters, as well as an increasing number of international corporates implemented incubators and accelerators programmes all over Africa. Experience shows that for qualitative empowerment the provision co-working space and good Wi-Fi is a start. However, quickly more services and offerings such as expertise, advice and hands-on support, access to networks and many partnerships make acceleration programmes and in turn participating start-ups a success.

¹ Guiliani, D. and Ajadi, S. (2019). 618 active tech hubs: The backbone of Africa’s tech ecosystem