Ecosystem Collaboration: Growing supportive business ecosystems in Africa

Make-IT in Africa: Ecosystem Newsletter June, July, August 2020

Ecosystem Collaboration: Growing supportive business ecosystems in Africa

Make-IT in Africa: Ecosystem Newsletter June, July, August 2020


Our newsletter this summer dives deep into the exciting progress made in nurturing business ecosystems – particularly for the digital and high-tech sectors. The examples highlighted in this Ecosystem Newsletter vividly demonstrate how nurturing local, diverse business ecosystems has proven to be one of the most effective ways to support new tech entrepreneurs. While many countries are highly motivated to engage in new tech business, without the right support or business ecosystem, long-term success remains elusive.

A good business ecosystem should not serve as a safety net, instead, it should provide new entrepreneurs with footholds to climb the ladder from start-up to fully-fledged business. Good collaboration within an ecosystem empowers the entrepreneurs behind start-ups to develop their skills, gain visibility and attract investors. In addition, ecosystems can initiate cooperation with governments, which is important to introduce the right structures and policies that ease the way for start-ups.

Below you’ll find an overview but check out our Ecosystem Newsletter to dive deeper into these exciting projects.

Exemplary collaborations in five countries

The five countries where Make-IT in Africa is active are all committed to building their new tech ecosystems: Ghana, Tunisia, Rwanda, Nigeria, and Kenya. Make-IT in Africa has forged partnerships in each of these countries with existing government offices, players and start-up organisations. The goal is to support sustainable ecosystems that nurture their burgeoning start-up industries. Here is an overview of some of the exciting projects that have emerged from these collaborations.

Collaboration and partnerships pay off

Overall, the last few years have seen many inspiring partnerships and collaborations, including:

  • 23 capacity development measures for over 300 experts from innovation hubs, incubators and accelerators
  • 60 ecosystem meet-ups on policy topics (e.g. capital, youth, skills etc.)
  • Organisational development of 4 national start-up associations in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Tunisia and 2 pan-African associations (i4policy; AfriLabs)
  • Policy consulting for 5 governmental project partners in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and Tunisia

Has it been worth it? A recent study shows that 89% of surveyed players showed that improved framework conditions have contributed to growth and employment. Make-IT in Africa looks forward to more partnerships and thriving ecosystems during this exciting time in tech development in Africa. For all the inspiring stories, go to our newsletter and stay tuned for the next round!