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About Make-IT in Rwanda

Make-IT (GIZ) partners with the Ministry of ICT and Innovations (MINICT) and supports its vision in the scope of the Smart Rwanda 2020 Master Plan (SRMP) 2016-2020 to enhance digital innovation and transform Rwanda to become a knowledge based economy through SMART ICT. Moreover, Make-IT in Rwanda supports Rwanda’s objective to position the country as a pan-African hub for digital innovations and landing pad for private sector collaboration, making Kigali the most entrepreneurial city in Africa. This implies working with entrepreneurs, hubs and policymakers to create a conducive entrepreneurial ecosystem that accelerates startup growth.

About the local ecosystem

Rwanda has a young but promising startup ecosystem. With over 5 startup hubs based in Kigali, more than 10 co-working spaces and numerous service providers focused on entrepreneurship, Kigali is quickly emerging as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. The recent surge in start-up activity can be attributed to strong efforts by the government to create a business-friendly environment, for example through its fast processes of businesses registration, good electricity and infrastructure, and low corruption, Rwanda is ranked 38th globally and 2nd in Africa in the World Bank’s ease of doing business report 2020.
There is a growing trend in the Rwandan entrepreneurial ecosystem to create vertical and horizontal networks. The current services offered by the players focus on startups at both market-entry stage and scaling stages, with the ideation stage being underserved. There are several high-ranking education institutions focused on entrepreneurship and leadership, with the aim of building the next generation of Rwandan innovators.

Our Team in Rwanda

Aneth Batamuliza

Ecosystem Network Coordinator

GIZ Kigali, Rwanda

Vincent Winterhager


GIZ Kigali, Rwanda

Olivier Habumugisha

Make-IT Desk Coordinator

GIZ Kigali, Rwanda

Leonie Munk

Coordinator East Africa

GIZ Kigali, Rwanda

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