We are excited to launch the Make IT in Africa Playbooks on digital platform integration for our tech innovators! Are you a tech innovator and evaluating your possibilities to scale your business via digital platforms? Are you considering to integrate your service on a digital platform or to partner with another tech innovator but are lacking know-how on the complex process? Our playbooks are designed to support you!

D4Ag: Introducing the Make IT in Africa Playbooks for tech innovators

The Digital for Agriculture (D4Ag) component of Make-IT in Africa by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) aims to improve the conditions for AgTech start-ups to scale digital solutions for the agricultural and food sector. D4Ag has recognized Digital Agriculture Platforms (DAP) as a viable path for AgTech Start-Ups to improve market access, drive financial sustainability and increase impact.

That is why, D4Ag partnered with IBM and recently developed a Capacity Development curriculum for tech start-ups and emerging digital platform providers, with the aim of supporting the collaboration between these actors. The comprehensive programme encompasses courses on business modelling, technical interoperability and data analytics with the main focus on integrating the services of AgTech start-ups on digital platforms. To make the results of this partnership accessible for all AgTech start-ups, D4Ag transformed this curriculum into publicly available Playbooks to guide start-ups to profitably collaborate with platform providers.

Please access the Playbooks here:




The Business Model Playbook

We answer questions on how to align your business model, develop complimentary revenue models and accelerate partnerships to the next level.

Learn about the four different platform business models: transaction, innovation, integral & data monetization. Also, we shed light on essential platform integration strategies & what start-ups as well as platform providers must consider beforehand.

The added toolkit will help you to get an overview over your own potentials, goals & how to get there.





The Interoperability Playbook

We address technical questions regarding interoperability and cover basic, intermediary and advanced insights on API integration.

Learn about the different basic technical setup requirements, various possible uses of API and webhooks & benefits of data streaming.

The playbook is structured in such a way that you can enter with any level of experience – from basic knowledge over intermediate skills to masterclass.





The Data Science in Python Playbook 

We give an introduction to coding, and dive into data structures, the use of statistical methods and data for prediction.

Learn about the basics of the programming language Python and what it is built on. Get insights on how to handle data in way that allows you to create & understand machine learning models for better prediction.

In this Playbook you find everything you need to turn data into assets that drive your business.


We hope you find good use for them! Good luck for your future platform integration!


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