Make-IT in Africa enters its second phase

We are pleased to announce that the Tech-Entrepreneurship Initiative Make-IT in Africa entered its second project phase at the beginning of this year. Commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the goal for the next three years is: Strengthen entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems to promote digital transformation in Africa. Matthias Rehfeld is the new head of program (contact details below).

The challenge: Innovation doesn’t reach its full potential in Africa, yet

Digital creators are enablers. With their innovative ideas, they have the potential to have a major positive impact on people´s lives and a sustainable development of their living space. African digital startups develop future-oriented products for all sectors. In order to fully develop these potentials, there is a lack of suitable environments that promote the corresponding innovations.

Our approach: Empowering digital entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems

This is where Make-IT in Africa comes in. We strengthen the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems in Africa on three different levels:

  1. Supporting startups
  2. Strengthen intermediaries
  3. Creating a conducive environment together with African decision-makers

Through the approach on these three levels we promote access to investments and partnerships with international companies for startups. To ensure that the startups receive high-quality support during their establishment on the market and scaling, we strengthen association structures and innovation hubs. Furthermore, to foster the creation of the necessary governmental framework conditions we closely work together with our national African partners.


Matthias Rehfeld is the new head of program. Previously, he was the deputy programme director of Make-IT in Africa.

Do you have questions or are you interested in a cooperation?

Contact Matthias Rehfeld via


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