MLIKA Top 100 start-ups in Kenya in 2020 – MLIKA Top 100 Kenya’s Most Promising Start-ups

Kenya’s entrepreneurial spirit shone especially bright in 2020.  Supported by Make-IT in Africa the University of Nairobi and C4DLab nominated and selected the year’s top 100 start-ups in Kenya. The online event unveiled the winners over three days and strove to increase the entrepreneurs’ exposure to the market and potential investors, while strengthening their collaboration within the innovation ecosystem. It took place from 16th to 18th December 2020.

Interview with Tracy Weru, Adviser at Make-IT in Africa in Kenya

How did the event go?

The event went well as scheduled. On Day one we had an Investor Readiness Master Classes for the top nominated start-ups. On Day Two we had an event that was targeted to Access to Finance where Financial Institutions made presentations of packages that they offer start-ups . On Day 3 the event was targeted at Ecosystem support and this day feature key stakeholder representatives from the Florence Kimata – SME Advisor – Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives Bernard Chiira the Chairman of ASSEK and CEO John Tanui the CEO of Konza Technopolis Development Authority.

How did the winners react?

The event was targeted at Unvieling Top 100 start-ups of Kenya 2020 and they were selected through nominations by different enablers in the Kenya ecosystem.

What is your experience with holding an event like this online? How did the audience react?

Their was a positive reaction from the audience who proposed another initiative for the year 2021. The initiative was picked up by Kenya National Innovation Agency and they published the Top 100 start-ups of Kenya and top 10 most promising start-ups on their Youtube channel


Meet the Top Ten Start-ups


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