High-Level Announcement and Panel on EU D4D Flagships and the EU-AU Partnership on Digital Transformation

Exciting news were shared next Tuesday at the “High-Level Announcement and Panel on EU D4D Flagships and the EU-AU Partnership on Digital Transformation”.

The German EU Council Presidency has put Digital4Development D4D at the top of its agenda and, together with the EC and other Member States, is launching three flagship initiatives with the aim to ensure a strong and unified European voice in the world to promote EU values, standards and strategic interests in the digital sphere. These three flagships will strengthen the Team Europe approach for implementing the D4D agenda to advance a human-centric vision for the digital economy:

  • Global Digital4Development (D4D) Hub: A platform for stronger coordination on digital development and the main instrument for the EU to promote its value-based and human-centred approach at global level and through regional partnerships. During the event the Global and African branch will be launched, further branches in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, as well as in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood are planned.
  • EU-AU Data Flagship: An initiative to further African data economy to foster digital sovereignty on African continent and link the developing African and European digital markets. The initiative will be implemented with EU and AU commissions, Smart Africa and the D4D Coalition of the European tech companies.
  • African-European Digital Innovation Bridge (AEDIB): An initiative to connect and develop digital innovation ecosystems in Africa and Europe and thereby create high-quality solutions for SDG challenges and boosts a resilient digital economy.

The High-Level Announcement was followed by a High-Level Panel on the future of the European Union – African Union Partnership on Digital Transformation. Participants of this panel include representatives of the African Union, Smart Africa, tech companies and civil society from the digital ecosystem. The event took place in virtual format on Tuesday, 8th December 2020 from 17:00 to 18.45.


About AEDIB:

The African-European Digital Innovation Bridge (AEDIB) aims to strengthen digital innovation networks in Africa and promote intercontinental dialogue between African and European innovators and policymakers. AEDIB will create important opportunities for employment and pave the way for economic growth and recovery. Initiated by EU Member States (France, Belgium, and Germany) and the European Commission, the AEDIB will establish a Pan-African network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs). This network will encourage joint ventures between Africa and Europe and provide technical innovation expertise and experimentation for small and mid-size enterprises and start-ups.

AEDIB will connect information and communications technology professionals, investors, academia, incubators, and national, regional and local authorities. By facilitating access to financing for African DIHs and mutual learning and joint solution development, AEDIB will help solve technological and entrepreneurial challenges. A special focus on reaching and including youth and women will be incorporated through the Digital and Entrepreneurial Skills Academy.

The announcement was made through an online event by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen and the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, as well as Heads of States from Belgium, Estonia, France and Luxembourg.


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