Scaling AgTech Innovation through Digital Platforms @Cultivate Africa

About Cultivate Africa

Cultivate-Africa was an event unlocking a concerted multi-stakeholder partnership towards a sustained and effective response leading to averting potential adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on food security and nutrition and food systems (production, distribution, trading and market access of agricultural commodities and services). The event was organized by the Africa Union Commission in partnership with Hallpax.

About the Side Session “Scaling AgTech Innovation through Digital Platforms”

GIZ and Mercy Corps AgriFin invite you to pay particular attention to the side even on ‘Scaling AgTech Innovation through Digital Platforms’.

The agriculture sector in Africa has been facing systemic challenges over the past decades including issues around markets, infrastructure and exclusion. These challenges affect most smallholder farmers who account for 80% of food producers in the continent.

Digital solutions have a huge potential to revolutionize the sector’s modus operandi, opening new markets that can be scaled quickly and offering “end to end” services at a cost-effective way, leading to improvement in the welfare of smallholder farmers.

GIZ, Mercy Corps AgriFin and Dalberg Advisors have been working together to understand how young technology innovators can be supported in scale and operational viability by engaging with emerging models of digital platforms. The research has identified platform partners in Kenya and Nigeria to explore and gain insights into the key operational dynamics of emerging digital platforms for agriculture and develop recommendations to drive ecosystem change.

Join us with a panel of experts as we share our emerging insights, and stimulate discussion around how different ecosystem players can engage to drive innovation and maximise impact for smallholder farmers.


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