Impact Hub Accra working with Make-IT in Africa (implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft
für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) announced its inaugural Deep Dive Africa Tour for European investors seeking to explore early stage startup investments in Ghana and Nigeria.

In parts of Ghana and Nigeria today, many of the old problems remain, but equally remarkable, is the rise of a new generation of entrepreneurs creating new opportunities and tackling some of the biggest challenges of our times. The Ghanaian and Nigerian startup ecosystems have developed to a point where there’s an increasing need for early stage investor capital.

On the other hand, European investors are looking for new deals and perceive Africa as an emerging and potentially interesting market to invest in. The goal of Deep Dive Africa is to create local networks in Africa to help manage deal flow for European first-time investors in Africa. The tour is expected to help these investors better navigate Africa, create a soft landing and de-risk their involvement in markets like Ghana & Nigeria.

Investors joining the tour will be meeting startups in Accra & Kumasi (Ghana) and Lagos (Nigeria). There will be sessions focused on helping investors understand the legal landscape of making investments in both markets. Investors will also be part of networking events with local investors and visit tech hubs to get a feeling for the local innovation scene. With the support of expert local guides, investors will have the chance to hold one-on-one meetings with selected startups. Startups are carefully hand-picked and supported through intense programs with special focus on making the due diligence process easy and seamless for investors. There is also the opportunity to savor the cultural diversity of these two countries and tap into the vibrant tourist and party scenes with great Afrobeat vibes and food.

The Tour will start November 27th in Accra and end December 4th 2019 in Lagos. More information is
available on

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