On Thursday 27th September 2018, Make-IT in Africa and VC4A hosted the 2nd Mentor Bootcamp at NG_hub by Facebook, Yaba Lagos.

The event was separated into two sections:

I Mentor Session

The morning session was purely for the mentors. They reflected on the three-month mentor programme, and shared ideas, best practices and lessons learnt. The two experts facilitators of the day, Tomi Davies from the African Business Angel Network, and Charles Ojei from HYBR, discussed elaborately on the topics:

  1. Thinking like an Investor
    ->The cruise of the matter for start-ups is to understand the “mindset and thinking” of investors as they go about their businesses.
  2. Partnering with Corporates
    -> The second topic was to help start-ups learn the importance of building partnerships with corporates and existing entities.

II Start-up Presentations

The second segment of the boot camp was the start-up presentations and peer review, where start-ups presented their businesses and shared experiences on the impact of mentorship they experienced. Based on this, all the mentors present were able to give feedback and information. This session was very productive and provided the start-ups with the opportunity to receive expert feedback from the VC4A mentors particularly with regards to their business models.

Find out more about the Make-IT Mentoring Programme

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