EarlyBird Ventures Storytelling for Business Masterclass

On Friday 10th August 2018, Make-IT in Africa in collaboration with EarlyBird Ventures held a Storytelling for Business masterclass at Metta, Nairobi.

EarlyBird Ventures is an African pre-seed stage funding interventions company. They invest both human capital and funds as well as a variety of technical assistance to give the companies that they work with the highest chance of success. The masterclass was hosted by Peter Ngunyi, the founder and CEO of EarlyBird Ventures. Peter is also the former president of BRCK. A Kenyan former start-up that provides rugged internet connectivity to anywhere in the world.

Metta is an entrepreneurs club that connects people, ideas and resources.

The event kicked off at 10:20am where there were introductions from Cherie Kihato from Make-IT in Africa. Cherie highlighted the different activities Make-IT in Africa is involved with such as the entrepreneurs guide to investment.

The importance of Storytelling for Business

Following this was the first half of the masterclass which was centred on the importance storytelling for business and how to do so. The audience, made up of mostly young entrepreneurs and a few of our Make-IT start-ups such as Annona and AB3D, was very engaged with some presenting ideas on stage.

The second half of the masterclass focused on presenting use cases in storytelling for business. Peter Ngunyi provided content that was relatable to the audience, making sure to use Kenyan companies as examples such as BRCK and Chandarana, a prominent supermarket in Kenya. This allowed the audience to understand how storytelling for business fits into the Kenyan market.

This segment also highlighted the different audiences to cater your business to such as potential investors.

DHL, one of our alliance members was present at the event where they shared some information on their products.


(Pictures by Cherie Kihato)

Storytelling for Business Masterclass.
Peter Ngunyi speaking to audience members.
Peter Ngunyi presenting.
Audience engagement.
Peter Ngunyi presenting.
Peter Ngunyi conducting the masterclass.
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