Make-IT startups @ the Stars in Africa Awards

On 6th March 2018, 5 start-ups from the Make-IT Accelerator Kenya participated in the international start-up pitching contest “Stars in Africa Awards” in Nairobi, Kenya. The 5 start-ups Make-IT in Africa signed up for the contest are: Micrive Invinite Ltd, Tech Kidz Africa, Taimba, Grassroots Bima, and ZOA.

The contest aims at showing innovative, disruptive and fast growing start-up companies active in Africa. In total, 18 ventures were selected to compete for 6 business awards (education, digital/tech industry, health/better living, culture, energy/environment & agri-business).

Out of the 5 Make-IT start-ups, Taimba, Grassroots Bima and ZOA were chosen to pitch infront of an international jury were they competed in the two main areas (i) Energy & Environment and (ii) Digital & Tech industry.

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